Ruins – Birkat Al Mouz.

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Ruins hidden behind some of the modern houses in the main thoroughfare of Birkat Al Mouz.

Ruins that most people miss when they visit this town: there was not two as I have seen mentioned, but three occupied areas until modernity arrived.
In his book “Across the Green Mountains of Oman” Colonel S B Miles says that in 1876 the population was about 3000 & the settlement is divided into three distinct hujrahs (sic) sections, Belonging to Sezzid Hamad and the other two to the El Amair & Beni Riyam tribes respectively.


11 thoughts on “Ruins – Birkat Al Mouz.

    1. Yes, along with lots of others. I pay them for a product and liked what they offered, like everything else it’s change for change sake. If ain’t broke, don’t fix it !!


  1. I have a great fascination for ruins (and decay) and am finding your images of ruins fascinating. The above image almost looks like a bomb has gone off.

    1. Many years of decay – health & safety would not have let me anywhere near in UK. A few nice words of greeting in Arabic help smooth the way πŸ™‚


    2. Funny you should say that, as the village was bombed by the British RAF in the mid 1950’s on behalf of the Sultan in order to root out rebels holed up there. The present Omani government do not like to talk about this episode in their recent history

      1. Ha but we stopped them getting overtaken by a bigger power (both times) & for that, the older generation remmember with good will.
        I alway get a warm welcome when the old members of a village know I am English.

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