Implementing new compositional ideas.

wordpress-cropGreat isn’t it, one gets a real sense of what the image is about 😉
I have spent all morning cutting cardboard oblongs for my lenses; painted mat-black, they look quite good.
Old scraps of mount board cut and painted, then using old step up/down rings work really well.

WordPress is not the only one that can distort my images.


4 thoughts on “Implementing new compositional ideas.

  1. Great technique though with digital you can use the camera format presets…..though I prefer what you have done. This format is perfect for the subject. Love the projections and recessions as well as the varied tonality. Very nice.

    1. Funny because it started as a bit of sarcasm about W/P reader. Then after seeing the way I could manipulate images in a new way, it’s caught my imagination.

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