Interior decoration – abandoned village Ibri.

Interior decoration of rooms in abandoned village of Ibri – a rather more important village on the camel route
between  Muscat and Al Buraimi.
A lot of things were traded in Ibri – not all exactly above-board in the old days. In the 1800’s, conflicting descriptions were made by visitors: from it being called a place of vagabonds, scallywags & thieves to the exact opposite, a most friendly & hospitable place. Somewhere in between was probably nearer the truth.
Today it is a modern thriving town that makes visitors very welcome.

8 thoughts on “Interior decoration – abandoned village Ibri.

      1. Just to say how thrilled I am that court order in USA created a window so I could squeeze through into comments. Hooray. Liz

  1. How beautiful – to only have the privilege to stand there and hear the walls speak… 💕

  2. That must have been something to experience in its heyday! Fascinating! I love looking through your window into Oman!

    1. These villages are all slowly disintegrating, with every major storm adding a little more destruction.
      Researching the history can be quite a challenge as the names change or the English literation of Arabic is sometimes quite imaginative ! Fortunately the early explorers gave very detailed location descriptions and reasonably accurate hand drawn maps.
      Pleased (in my own small way) that I have been able to open a window into a country that until the 1970’s was almost a blank on the map.

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