A window in Ibri.

window-ibriWidow – abandoned village of Ibri.
Nikon F2sb with Nikkor 25-50mm f/4 Ai lens.

I have just answered a comment by Jane & realised that this image was taken with a camera that was produced between 1976-1977, a lens that was made in 1979, Kodak Microdol-x  from a bag dated 2007 & film with a use by date of 2010.
At least the distilled water I used for development, was only 6 months old   🙂

Interior decoration – abandoned village Ibri.

Interior decoration of rooms in abandoned village of Ibri – a rather more important village on the camel route
between  Muscat and Al Buraimi.
A lot of things were traded in Ibri – not all exactly above-board in the old days. In the 1800’s, conflicting descriptions were made by visitors: from it being called a place of vagabonds, scallywags & thieves to the exact opposite, a most friendly & hospitable place. Somewhere in between was probably nearer the truth.
Today it is a modern thriving town that makes visitors very welcome.