Salt flats – near Shannah.

Gathering sea salt.
These were made near Shannah (Ferry port for Masirah) actually just a sleepy little place with a few buildings serving the ferry: although it has grown in size over the last year or so & soon may even have a coffee shop & what purports to be a hotel !

The pink tinge seen is from Halobacteria   they are a rather interesting form of Archaea  so are not actually bacteria and very dependant on salt, freshwater would kill them instantly. Confusing ! hence the links which give a better description than I ever could. Because even belonging to the Archaea family, they don’t follow the rules and are a branch with behavioural characteristics all of their own.

Ho and the reason I got these images is because I made a quick road trip to Masirah (work) so was lucky enough to catch this salt flat at its best. I have only once seen the whole area pink, in all the years I have made the trip (no camera – typical) but at least I got the salt this time.

12 thoughts on “Salt flats – near Shannah.

    1. Thank you & appreciate all your kind comments, will look forward to keeping in touch via our blogs.
      Although I am leaving Oman soon, I will be posting more from the 100’s of negatives yet to be scanned.

    1. Thanks,
      I think for me, this one is interesting because of its size & remoteness. I remember seeing the Salt flats near Larnaca Cyprus, which in the winter months is a beautiful lake with lots of migratory birds, easily visited. This one is about 150 miles from Duqm or just over 200 miles from Sinaw: desert in both directions !

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Always difficult explaining to people who have never experienced deserts & a total lack of fresh water for miles & miles, what it is really like. So the idea of a ferry port conjures thoughts of a thriving busy place: but as you obviously know Shannah is definitely not like that.
      As for your “memorable memories!” Oman has a way of doing that for a lot of people, especially when one gets away from the tourist bits, it is what kept me here.

  1. What a wonderful location – endless possibilities. Really stunning images David.

    1. Many thanks,
      An area that is very isolated: the nearest village prior to this about 35 miles back and the landing stage for the ferry is about 6 miles further on from where they were made. The temperature when I made these (approx; 13.30hrs) was about 107 Fahrenheit. Unfortunately these temperatures are when the salt is at its best but not nice for a lingering stop.

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