Khor Rori – Dhofar.

Khor Rori.Made from the hill that excavation of the archæology site of Sumhuram is being carried out – first discovered by the Yorkshire born explorer James Theodore Bent when he visited the area between 1894 & 1895.

For his travels in the area, see the red line near Mirbat on the above map.

4 thoughts on “Khor Rori – Dhofar.

  1. What an amazing landscape and your capture is wonderful. It almost has science-fiction landscape feel – otherworldly.

    1. Yes Khor (Inlet in English) Rori has something special about it: no wonder it had been occupied way back in the 4th century BCE. The sea would have probably been somewhat closer and the area; although by no means devoid of life now, probably had trees and grass.

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