Tower Tombs at Shir/Jaylah.

Tower Tombs at Shir/Jaylah.
From my files: I made several visits after hearing reports by locals describing towers & later reports from a helicopter pilot who noted these strange towers while flying over the area.

See link below for a very detailed and interesting report by: Paul Yule and Gerd Weisgerber on these and other tombs in Oman.  Well worth a read.

Link:   Tombs in Oman.

4 thoughts on “Tower Tombs at Shir/Jaylah.

    1. Yes they do, although these towers are about a thousand years older.
      But there are other sites in Oman of a similar age to those in Sardinia & you would be hard pressed which country they were in by just looking at photographs.
      It is the same with rock art, similarities are hard to explain, unless long distance comunication was better than generally thought.

    1. Thank you Shimon, It was an area I found fascinating, lots of early history with very little known about the place or people who built the tombs.
      Tried to convey that in this image.

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