10 thoughts on “Evening walk passed the Star Inn – Driffield.

    1. I agree, it’s an odd thing they do here in UK. Although I have experienced it in one or two bars in Oman. Maybe the TV distracts from the beer not being very good.

  1. Once again, I love the antiquated, almost dream-like, feel of this monochrome photo. As for the plasma TV, your comment reminded me of a few houses I saw in Belize. The buildings themselves appeared to be in poor shape, but they had very expensive-looking flatscreen TV’s inside them! I suppose when one lives in a warm climate like Belize, one can afford to ignore the odd hole in the wall.

    1. Many thanks.
      I know what you mean about dilapidated buildings. I remember taking my wife to what was a tin shack with cinder block walls on Masirah Island. Asked her if she thought the occupants were poor and the answer was “yes, definitely” then I took her around the back. A brand new Range Rover !!

  2. Interesting image and the mention about ‘Plasma TV’ shows how quickly things get out dated, right?

    You could really give it a heritage look with the post processing touches 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, David 🙂

    1. Thanks – I know it’s an old building but haven’t found a date yet. Never been in so not sure they still have the TV’s going (they were very! expensive if I recall) hence the paint comment.
      Slowly exploring backstreets which are full of history from the early 1800’s.

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