7 thoughts on “End of the path.

      1. 😃 bases on the replies I got after giving credits to my favorite lens, I should say now: but the photographer has the eye to see the shot… ; and that’s true, of course; but I also know how special a good lens can be. 👍✋

  1. I wanted to ask you what do you do when the path ends, but then I saw a text under the photo 😀 The last time I was walking somewhere in the wild, I tried to find a lighthouse, it was strange because it wasn’t seen from the shore but it was marked on the maps. When I understood that I have no much time left and my boat can go without me I rushed to a harbor. I walked along the path and I was incredibly surprised when the lighthouse I was looking for grew up right in front of me and it turned out to be a radio beacon 🙂

    1. I know exactly what you mean about searching for somewhere.
      In Oman, I remember trying to find a footpath with steps up the side of a mountain; built by the Portuguese in the early 1600’s. Took me weeks and then all of a sudden there it was. The start was behind a large tree and I’d always go the the same way past, until the day I decided to sit under it and rest for a while.
      Other abandoned paths/villages would only be a written description in a book (mostly late 1800’s to early 1900’s) those were always a challenge. In a lot of cases the terrain had change and so footpaths were lost or very indistinct.
      In UK we are lucky with having very detailed O/S maps but that’s no good if you leave them at home. 🙂

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