Wood with rope.

Wood with rope.Wood with rope.

Deteriorating alcove – Zikki.

Deteriorating alcove.Deteriorating alcove: Zikki.

Rusting & abandoned.

rusting-abandonedDuring my visits to these abandoned villages, I am always intrigued by the amount of doors I find locked.
There can be nothing left of the building but the door, & it’s locked!
Almost as if the rooms are silently waiting the return of the occupants.

Door detail No2 Zikki.


door-detail-no2-zikkiIt must have been a very colourful place !  Signs of blue, green, red & yellow paint everywhere.

Find a way in – Zikki.

find-a-way-inFind my way in.

Palm frond building material – Zikki.

palm-frond-building-materialPalm frond building material -Zikki.

Door detail – Zikki.

door-detail-zikkiDoor detail – Zikki.