Roof top Al Hazm Fort.

Roof steps Al HazmBusy weekend as this was my last trip before I step-off the planet for a couple of days short of a month (holiday time soon 🙂 ) anyway it was 49 degrees C when this series was taken……. enough is enough: mad dogs & Englishmen come to mind !

9 thoughts on “Roof top Al Hazm Fort.

  1. A simply stunning image, and I could not cope with that heat, Bahrain heat was bad a couple of years back in October….!

    1. Many thanks – I must admit that air/con keeps me going at this time of year, although when the humidity is low I feel a lot more comfortable.


  2. You are on a roll David, another superb shot. Love the way the two air ducts and then the steps lead up to the battlements. Superb tones and plenty of shadow detail. Enjoy your holiday and bring us some sunshine 🙂

  3. Nice shot (but not your heat – I thought I’d die when Melbourne hit our record of 46.9 in 2009 and all the plant leaves turned brown like they were roasted. Can’t imagine being outside in 49 degree heat like you have. Hope you escape before the worst of the heat).

    1. Thanks,
      Actually the heat per se is not that much of a problem once you acclimatise; if it’s like desert heat (dry) but when coupled with high humidity then murder is in the air (I do not like it one bit…..!)


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