6 thoughts on “You don’t get through these doors in a hurry !

    1. Yes – although things were not takes for granted as the place is full of traps, escape passages and place were one could do nasty things to anyone inside unannounced!!
      The builders knew exactly what they were doing when this fort was built – first constructed during the transition between siege war and outright destruction with cannon.
      Even so, it is quite luxurious inside, for its time.


  1. Great doors! Great cannon! These photos make it look like you were the only one there? What a fab place to visit.

    1. I was !
      I think the two guys on the gate thought I was a little crazy …… as it was a very hot day. But it is one of the best forts (has a good feeling about it – if you know what I mean) so a good morning out.


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