Afalaj in Misfat Al Abryeen.

Walking around with my new Fuji Xpro1 camera – a nice but frustrating experience.

I found that although it was nice not having a large SLR hanging from my shoulder, using the camera was less than intuitive. This is my fault not the cameras…….. I am so familiar with the layout of Nikon cameras that my fingers would not hit the right button unless I made a conscious effort and looked for which one I needed.

Another annoying problem was that I kept getting lost when it came to the display settings; I like grid lines (available) but they kept disappearing. The preview display would sometimes only show in the viewfinder and this seems to be why I lost the grid lines. I think I will need to re-read the instructions and stop making what for me (I thought) were intuitive selections – the old saying “when in doubt read the instructions !  🙂 ” is very apt.

Something I did find very good, was having a ‘proper’ viewfinder – none of this holding the camera at arms length and struggling with glare on the back screen.

That said, it was so nice being able to walk around and almost forget I had a camera with me, especially when negotiating difficult terrain.


4 thoughts on “Afalaj in Misfat Al Abryeen.

  1. I think it won’t be long before you have that little Fuji figured in no time. And will be as comfortable with it as you are with yer Nikon very soon…. Ya, read that manual again!
    The few pics you posted look good in spite of your complaint.

    1. Many thanks & yes it is really me not the camera; I love the ease of use when I do not need to change anything other than press the shutter and pick a f stop.
      Once I learn to ignore everything else I will be fine I am sure.


    1. Thanks – it is a totally different experience from using my SLR; in some ways very similar to my old Olympus 35 SP (drowned several years ago) I just need to use both sides of my brain when making photographs. Never an easy thing as I definitely don’t multi-task ❗


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