10 thoughts on “Door in abandoned building.

  1. That’s the most impressive thing about this… how much work was invested in this door. Makes one wonder about the history of this building.

    1. You are right and the most annoying thing is, the lack of information.
      The problem I have is that very little research gets done about some of the more obscure ruins (although that is changing) tourism is probably helping.
      The down side is that for some reason the government seems to think that a complete rebuild is the way to go. When stabilisation and preservation of what is left of the original is far more interesting (for me anyway) but hay-ho; it’s a delicate balance I suppose.


    1. Thanks Marina,
      The right lens and as it happened, I had T-max 400 & a Mono-pod so able to open to f5.6 without problems (not a great deal of light) but I think it has added to the image.


  2. Blimey this one begs a poem! What a fabulous pic – as ever I take that as a given whatever the subject in this case the detail hums – and what an INCREDIBLE DOOR. There’s a shadowing of what looks a like a design or arabic script. Am still in awe of such things just being LEFT and not looted. What is the building like? Another castle?

    1. A lot of work has gone into this one and it was found in a fortified house that is now being refurbished. It was in a very out of the way place, but now on the list of heritage buildings after renovation.
      I was lucky in getting access by being nice to the custodian?? (the only one around who looked vaguely responsible 😉 ) it was very dilapidated but had obviously been quite a grand house.


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