Burton Agnes Elizabethan Manor House.

Burton Agnes Hall, an Elizabethan manor house on the edge of the village of Burton Agnes, near Driffield. Built by Sir Henry Griffith in 1601–10 to designs attributed to Robert Smythson. Although the configuration of the house as it stands, does not follow his original plans, it is probably due to changes being made as the building was constructed.

The estate has been in the hands of the same family since Roger de Stuteville built the Norman manor house on the site; the Undercroft of which is shown in my earlier post.

In 1457 Sir Walter Griffith came to live there. The Griffiths were a Welsh family who had moved to Staffordshire in the thirteenth century and inherited the Burton Agnes estate.

The present Elizabethan house as seen here in this post, was built next to the original Norman manor house when Sir Henry Griffith, 1st Baronet, was appointed to the Council of the North.

2 thoughts on “Burton Agnes Elizabethan Manor House.

  1. It must be a pleasure David, studying such structures that have been so well preserved, after those you photographed in Oman. Though I have to say I enjoy both.

    1. Thanks & yes it is, although I do miss the challenges that exploring Oman gave. Even in the few years before I left, I could still find places that very few people had visited or documented.
      Here in UK it’s the other way round, as my list of places I must visit keeps growing each time I read something new.
      The one positive thing is the abundance of information available compared with Oman. The library & internet are my friends, which was not really the case in Oman. It also means I ease-up on the book space required.
      I can still get nice surprises, such as the Norman Undercroft; I spent time reading about the Elizabethan Manor & missed the reference to the Norman one.

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