Tree root with moss.

Nikon Df with 43-86 Ai zoom lens.
Reaching out for other trees: not so strange as it may sound, there is research going on that seems to confirm that trees actually do communicate with each other.
See this link from the Smithsonian: Do Trees Talk to Each Other?

5 thoughts on “Tree root with moss.

  1. Apparently Redwood trees in North America can actually feed nutrients to one another via their roots. At least that’s what everyone told me when I was in California, I’ve never actually looked up any studies on the topic.

    1. Beech trees apparently are the same. Although there seems to be just as many people who laugh at the idea as those who think it worth closer study.
      A Great Basin bristlecone pine in California is more than 5,000 years old. Trees have been in existence for at least 370 million years, so they have had a long time to work things out.

        1. In a lot of cases, preconceived ideas along with reputations come into play. The earth is flat, the sun goes around the earth, heretical to contradict such notions. But because some questioned the orthodoxy of the time, science moved forward. Today there are taboo subjects; for example, if one questions the cause of climate change, it can cut off funding for research if the wrong (non PC) conclusion is suggested.
          I was always taught that a question should never be laughed at, no matter how stupid it may appear, it deserves an answer & if there isn’t one, find one, but always keep an open mind.
          Sorry, on my soap box. 😔

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