Wadi Mahram Archaeological site.

A very interesting visit, even though I got up at 0445 (time for coffee & toast) it also meant that I could avoid the early morning traffic.

Wadi Mahram has many archaeological sites – but as usual for Oman, very little published information (it can be found if one is willing to search the internet) I pity the tourists who may only have a short time here.

burial cairns No1

burial cairns No2

burial cairn  No4

burial cairn  No3All the above are (I think) Late Iron Age tombs,

Pre-Islamic gravesEarly Islamic or late pre-Islamic (I am not experienced enough for a certain date)  and as usual, very close-by the above cairns.

bulldozer tracksBulldozer damage – it is almost as if the driver does it deliberately !

5 thoughts on “Wadi Mahram Archaeological site.

  1. It’s strange David, how the satellite view shows what looks like dozens of small impact craters. The upright stones line up with the cleft in the hill. Do they also form a circle?

    1. Each of those ‘impact craters’ represent one tomb where the top has collapsed into the void below. Others are dome shaped piles of stones, the circles being all that’s left after the stones have been robbed.
      The upright stones are ‘headstones’ sometimes a large one at the head and a smaller at the foot.
      The crater view is what I look for when doing research about likely areas for exploring – some of the ‘blobs’ are old bushes which can make for confusion.

      1. That’s amazing and presumably much of the archeological material has gone with the stones. Is that your area of interest David? We have a range of similar sites in SW Scotland and we have looked for cup and ring marked rocks.

        1. Actually it’s rock art, but there is so much undisturbed evidence of early human occupation; one follows the other.
          I have stood on vast arrays of flint, which has been left behind from the making of numerous stone tools, picked up fossilised wood that died when the first trees appeared in this area.
          Due to the climate and the fact that a lot of the area is now rather inhospitable, things appear out of the shifting sand. Others are undisturbed because no one took much notice until recently.
          The problem now is modernity; it’s going faster then the archaeologists can keep up – see my comment on bulldozers!
          It make a change from fixing radar equipment 🙂

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